TMR Design and Build

Total Mix Ration facilities have typically involved tradeoffs: high capital costs and inflexible operations in exchange for drastically reduced feed losses and shorter feed times. We work with dairies to eliminate those trade-offs. SawTooth’s pragmatic approach to feed systems and technology purpose built for dairies, makes our solutions free of the tradeoffs that dairies have previously had to live with.

We start with understand your dairy and existing layout and infrastructure: (Google earth pic with callouts?)

Once you have communicated what you do, how you do it, and what your goals are, then we build a plan that takes your goals and constraints into account. All of our solutions have rapid payback – typically one year or less.

Some dairies want to build a full TMR immediately:

and some dairies have capital constraints that dictate a more phased approach where initial phases generate the free cash flow for later phases.

[Eliminate Deviations] – [Improve Efficiency, Reduce Storage and Handling Feed Losses] – [Full TMR Benefits]

We will develop a plan with you to accomplish a full TMR in 6 months or over a period of 2 years or more.

What Dairies say about sawtooth Feed solutions

After eliminating an hour of feed time per day and 500 pounds each of whey and molasses losses, we decided to deploy SmartWeigh for concentrates and forages in our feed center. SawTooth solutions integrated seamlessly with EZFeed and immediately made a far bigger positive impact on our feeding and herd than we expected.

Northeast Dairy Farmer

Harold and Jerry have always been wonderful to work with. They bring a new facet to the dairy industry with their expertise in other industries that we in the dairy industry don't get a chance to see, We look forward to doing more business in the future with them as they have stood by our side in projects from start to finish - very professional company.

Dean Swager, Swager Farms

SawTooth engineers take a pragmatic approach which I like. They recommended a phased approach where each phase provides the cash flow required to build our full TMR. The feed time savings allows for two people to focus on other priorities.

Northeast Dairy Farmer

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Since the needs of each dairy are unique, we have developed our products and services with a high degree of fixability and modularity. Contact us about your application and we will work with you to resolve your feed preparation requirements.

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