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SawTooth View

SawTooth View combines a user interface, workflow, and integration software. Either cab-mounted or fixed-in-place, Sawtooth View intuitively guides feed operators through rations and, combined with SmartWeigh and our UDCs, prevents deviations and most inadvertent mistakes. Purpose-built for dairy, standard dairy components (conveyors, doors, mixers, etc.) are added to the UI via drag-ndrop.


SmartWeigh is an automated machine operated using SawTooth View (left.) SmartWeigh meters concentrates (e.g., ) and forages (e.g., ) into fixed or mobile mixers. SmartWeigh reduces feed addition times and ensures rations components are fulfilled precisely every time and eliminates the vast majority of feeder errors.

The SawTooth UDC

The SawTooth UDC is an automated controller built from the ground up for dairy. UDCs are used control a wide variety of standard dairy. instrumentation and equipment. UDCs work seamlessly with SawTooth View and integrate directly with EZFeed and FeedWatch

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FEED Automation Made Easy

Since the needs of each dairy are unique, we have developed our products and services with a high degree of fixability and modularity. Contact us about your application and we will work with you to resolve your feed preparation requirements.


Feed and ration preparation makes up one of the largest cost centers for dairy farming and also constitutes a large majority of the inefficiencies. Innovative Process Solutions brings standard practices from other industries and tailors them to dairy operations resulting in rapid ROI solutions that can reduce waste, labor and energy while increasing performance.  

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