Feed Sawtooth udc controllers and kits to automate mineral, liquid, and other systems

Individual Ingredient Automation

How It Works

SawTooth ingredient automation kits contain the necessary components to convert your existing manual systems, such as a liquid tank, into a fully integrated and automated dispensing system. Once installed, the UDC receives command directly from feed software (e.g., EZFeed, FeedWatch,) and dispenses ingredients according to the ration without interaction from the feeder. When each batch is complete, quantities are returned to feed software to ensure inventories are accurately recorded.

Case Study

Idaho Dairy with 4,000 Cows
Historical Deviations 2%(per EZFeed reports)
After implementation:
. 2 additions automated: Whey and Mollases
. Deviations dropped to zero
. 500lbs each of Whey and Mollases saved
. 1 hour per day feeding time saved
. Elimination of unfixable feeder errors
. Return on Investment: 3 months

Typical Kit Components (varies based on need)

. Universal Distributed Controller (link to prod. pg)
. Wireless gateway to communicate to Feed Management Software
. Required measuring devices (Flow meter, Load cells, etc.)
. Mechanical components as needed (valves, Pumps, Augers etc.)

Key SawTooth Kit benefits

. Components fit into existing system
. Integrates with your existing feed management software
. Can work without feed software if necessary
. Saves feeding time
. Eliminates significant and catastrophic errors
. Provides the control that complements feed software monitoring
. Eliminates deviations
. Fast Return-on-Investment
. Delivers precise rations without depending on feeder skill
. Eliminates feeders having to climb up/down from cab

What Dairies say about sawtooth Feed solutions

After eliminating an hour of feed time per day and 500 pounds each of whey and molasses losses, we decided to deploy SmartWeigh for concentrates and forages in our feed center. SawTooth solutions integrated seamlessly with EZFeed and immediately made a far bigger positive impact on our feeding and herd than we expected.

Northeast Dairy Farmer

Harold and Jerry have always been wonderful to work with. They bring a new facet to the dairy industry with their expertise in other industries that we in the dairy industry don't get a chance to see, We look forward to doing more business in the future with them as they have stood by our side in projects from start to finish - very professional company.

Dean Swager, Swager Farms

SawTooth engineers take a pragmatic approach which I like. They recommended a phased approach where each phase provides the cash flow required to build our full TMR. The feed time savings allows for two people to focus on other priorities.

Northeast Dairy Farmer

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